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MacGregor-Reid: The embodiment of character in art and the occult

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MacGregor-Reid: The embodiment of character in art and the occult

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15. Mai 2021, 09:00 MESZ


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Achtung: Matinée um 9:00 Uhr

Practitioners of ritual and magic are well known for taking on the character of archetypal beings and god-forms to further their work. Along with movement, gesture and the use of tools or symbolic objects, the donning of costume and with it the assumption of a particular character, has been utilised by esoteric practitioners across time and culture. In recent years, with the rise in popularity of performance and video-based art some contemporary artists have been employing similar techniques. This presentation will examine the way embodiment of character is used within occult practice and also within the practice of some diverse and fascinating contemporary artists who have taken cues from their magickal forebears and counterparts.

Mary is an artist and writer with a particular interest in examining alchemical process and the human experience of the otherworldly through video installation and photographic image. Although working primarily in figurative moving image, she sees the hands-on creation of costume and object to be an integral part of her practice.

She first became curious about the way we perform character, in part, through the veritable wardrobe of flamboyant personas cultivated by her Great Grandfather, George Watson MacGregor-Reid - a contemporary of Aleister Crowley - who spearheaded the Druid revival in early 20th century Britain.

Mary is a member of Ordo Templi Orientis New Zealand, High Priestess of Starlit Heaven Chapter and a Priestess of Ecclesia Gnostica Catholica.

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