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Sa., 19. Jän.



EGC Ceremony Training with Tau Asteria

"I proclaim the Law of Light, Life, Love, and Liberty in the name of IAÔ."

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EGC Ceremony Training with Tau Asteria
EGC Ceremony Training with Tau Asteria

Zeit & Ort

19. Jän. 2019, 11:00

Salzburg, Salzburg, Österreich

Über die Veranstaltung

Ecclesia Gnostica Catholica - Training

Classes provide in the training of priestesses, priests, deacons, children, congregants, OTO bodies and individuals that host EGC events (i.e. EGC events hosted in homes). Topics include a walk-through of the ceremony, general EGC program organization for an OTO body, tips for designing furniture, EGC policies, discussion of symbolism, personalizing the ritual, magical preparation, relationships to other officers, arranging Masses for the public and interacting with the congregation.

Novice level - ordained clergy delegated with training powers.

Cakes of Light

This class is a fun and frank discussion. It covers EGC policies, uses of cakes (in addition to Mass), using the eucharist in magick, “charging methods”, and tips on making them. Handouts of several recipes are provided.

Workshop with:

Tau Asteria

SGIG, Bishop of EGC, High Priestess of Infinite Stars Chapter Rose Croix

Nur O.T.O. Mitglieder.

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