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Elise & Jan-Magne: Intro to Sexual Alchemy

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Elise & Jan-Magne: Intro to Sexual Alchemy

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15. Nov. 2020, 19:00 – 21:00 MEZ
Zoom lecture

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Sexual alchemy is a spiritual path that utilizes sex to reach spiritual and personal realization. Get a short online intro to some practical and theoretical aspects of sexual alchemy; Through the course you will explore your own sexual identity and learn how to purify and unleash your sexual energies ,hear from techniques both from the Western and Eastern traditions of sacred sexuality, and be shown how you can use your sexual powers as a means of spiritual attainment. The approach is equally suitable regardless of your sexual orientation or if you are single, polyamorous or monogamous.   Presented by Elise & Jan-Magne. Elise has been a practitioner of meditation in the system of Acem for nine years, she has also practiced Hatha yoga for over ten years, and is a certified Yoga Teacher (200 RYT) by August 2019.  Elise was initiated in the OTO in 2014, and is now acting as a priestess in the EGC. With this, she also practices tantra and tantric massage. She has a keen interest in sex on an energetic level, and has studied Sexology at the University in Agder. Other than this, she has a Bachlor of Arts in Music and Art Photography. Jan-Magne has studied the Western mystery tradition and sacred sexuality since 1997. He has a holistic approach to self-development which includes the whole human being where sexuality and spiritual attainment enhance each other. He was initiated into the OTO in 1999, and was ordained to the office of priest of the EGC in 2004.  He has been practicing as a life-coach and teacher of spirituality for the last fifteen years. Jan-Magne has a Master of Arts degree in philosophy, but has also studied psychology and business administration.

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