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Frater Τελεσφόρος: Neoplatonic Theurgy and Thelema

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Frater Τελεσφόρος: Neoplatonic Theurgy and Thelema

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17. Apr., 19:00 MESZ

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Neoplatonism is a significant part of Late Antiquity’s religious, philosophical and mystical milieu, at the historical roots of Western Esotericism. Aside from a rigorous philosophical discourse, it stands out as a system of attainment with methods both contemplative (theoria) and ritualistic (theourgia). Initially being the intellectual armament of Gentiles against the rise of Christianity, it nonetheless left its mark on Christian mysticism. We also encounter its influence on western esoteric currents from antiquity to modern times while recent research has also shed light on its similarities with eastern traditions of Yoga and Tantra. In this lecture we will focus on Neoplatonic Theurgy in relation to Thelema. We will examine points of both convergence and divergence between the two, as well as parallels between them. Presented by Frater Τελεσφόρος. He serves as Master of Astraea Oasis O.T.O. in Thessaloniki, Greece and as Priest of Ecclesia Gnostica Catholica. His esoteric interests include subjects such as Neoplatonism (duh!), Depth Psychology, Yoga and Hindu Tantra and approaches to esoteric embodiment. He has a degree on Economics from the University of Macedonia in Thessaloniki and he is also a Hatha Yoga Instructor. Donations appreciated and may be made via Paypal to:

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