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M. Dionysius Rogers: Fiction and Thelemic Occultism

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M. Dionysius Rogers: Fiction and Thelemic Occultism

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19. Juni, 19:00 MESZ

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Modern occultism has significant roots in nineteenth century fiction, and throughout the twentieth century, magicians and occultists used novels and stories to express ideas that could not be as vividly communicated through more technical writings. This presentation will survey significant writers and works of fiction feeding into and emerging from the tradition of Thelemic magick. It will also feature a brief reading from the presenter's own recent ludibrium, Erotopharmakohymnia Onorio.  M. Dionysius Rogers is the author of Thelema for the People, Raise the Spell, and other books about Thelemic magick and culture. He is a charter member of Academia Ordo Templi Orientis and a bishop of Ecclesia Gnostica Catholica, He organizes and teaches among initiates in the American Mountain West.   Donations appreciated and may be made via Paypal to:

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